We aim to raise awareness about the harms of pornography, to share our learning with legislators and build a movement against pornography in the UK.

Click Off draws from the research and experience of feminists. We are non-partisan and our opposition to pornography is not faith-based.

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On a day when the @BBC celebrates a 22 year old pornographer as one of their 100 top women, @dcms drops plans for age verification. https://t.co/vm6Q9BVFSy ClickOffOrg photo

The UK had a chance to be a world leader in protecting kids from the pornography industry. Today, @NickyMorgan01 & @dcms decided it was too difficult. #shame https://t.co/HIWYtwQfpU ClickOffOrg photo

Hi @NickyMorgan01 This seems contradictory - is the gov introducing #ageverification or have you caved to the pornography industry who like to get kids hooked young? https://t.co/SNyTVvY0fV

At a time when organisations are having to reconsider their partnerships with unethical businesses it’s shocking to see @GEOgovuk team-up with @PinkNews who have promoted incest https://t.co/dXIRqbaupO

Shocked to see @GEOgovuk partnering with an anti-feminist magazine which has promoted incest https://t.co/dXIRqbaupO https://t.co/vVxnaDjm7g
ClickOffOrg photo
Government Equalities Office @GEOgovuk
This evening @SusanBaroness is attending the @PinkNews Awards, where she will present the Business Equality Award and praise employers that give their staff freedom to be themselves at work. 🏳️‍🌈 https://t.co/9sVvke4sC5

A more radical suggestion might be not to buy into the patriarchal bs of marriage at all... https://t.co/mXZNwhvWDJ