We aim to raise awareness about the harms of pornography, to share our learning with legislators and build a movement against pornography in the UK.

Click Off draws from the research and experience of feminists. We are non-partisan and our opposition to pornography is not faith-based.

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Defence counsel Tony Lenehan said: “It is fair to say he had inadequate parenting. His understanding of the adult world came from the internet, computer games and pornography. His exposure to pornography came from 11 onwards.” https://t.co/gWmQy6iSed

When will the @cpsuk acknowledge that pornography is driving the drop in convictions? There's little point in referring cases when abuse and rape in mainstream pornography women is portrayed as normal & even enjoyable. Pornography robs victims of justice

If you're interested in following our campaign work check out our website! Full of template letters and ways to make your voice heard in the struggle against pornography https://t.co/SuHX7wTDuI

Very early stages of a film project interviewing women impacted by pornography from across the world. So far we have people Eastern Europe, the US, South Korea, Australia & India lined-up. Looking for South America, Sub-Saharan Africa & the Middle East. Any links? Get in touch!

Are we still pretending that the drop in teenage pregnancies is about sex education?! On the surface this drop might seem positive, but lightly scratch& it's clearly a result of high speed on demand pornography warping young people's interest in sex.

Have you written to your MP yet? Ask them to take action against pornography using our template letter https://t.co/IisPwbBL7e