We aim to raise awareness about the harms of pornography, to share our learning with legislators and build a movement against pornography in the UK.

Click Off draws from the research and experience of feminists. We are non-partisan and our opposition to pornography is not faith-based.

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Calling sex industry survivors - Soon to launch @YouMySister offers support & online 1-2-1 counselling. https://t.co/GXjR8gVIik

Personal tweet. I write as on lots of feminist topics and pornography is by the most difficult topic to get placed in mainstream outlets. I suspect because it makes too many editors think about their own behaviour...

Parents: PLEASE ask schools what your children will be taught. We have yet to find one #phse or #rse provider that adequately explains the harms of pornography - most routinely ignore or even celebrate pornography. A scandal in the making @GavinWilliamson @educationgovuk https://t.co/OaRNRqi8wn

Here’s some standard @Pornhub content. Apols for revolting sexist & racist language- I think it’s important to show seeing as they’re pretending to care about #blm https://t.co/CW0G9kTnj2 ClickOffOrg photo

Just going to RT this again for those who missed it. https://t.co/Cy2tnGO50V