We aim to raise awareness about the harms of pornography, to share our learning with legislators and build a movement against pornography in the UK.

Click Off draws from the research and experience of feminists. We are non-partisan and our opposition to pornography is not faith-based.

We rely entirely on donations, please consider donating to support our work.

Amazes me how many people will carefully select fair trade coffee & bring reusable bags to supermarkets, whilst mindlessly watching the abuse and rape of people who may well be trafficked https://t.co/pwQhv4ZGzS

This is why it matters that @jackiebmsp & @MattKerrLabour have taken a stand. Still waiting for @Keir_Starmer @lisanandy @lisanandy to take this seriously & pledge to act against pornography https://t.co/YgfNPwhAE7

Come on @Keir_Starmer @RLong_Bailey @lisanandy -step up for equality, support our pledge https://t.co/dPiAfsvkw6
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Click Off @ClickOffOrg
Scotland is leading the way! Thank you @MattKerrLabour & @jackiebmsp for supporting our pledge against pornography. Just waiting for England to catch up now @Keir_Starmer @RLong_Bailey @lisanandy #labourleadership https://t.co/N7mtfFLeEB https://t.co/H60SV5wLfq