We aim to raise awareness about the harms of pornography, to share our learning with legislators and build a movement against pornography in the UK.

Click Off draws from the research and experience of feminists. We are non-partisan and our opposition to pornography is not faith-based.

We rely entirely on donations, please consider donating to support our work.

Speaking about the impact of pornography with Kellie-Jay https://t.co/ci46uIjEjq

Excited to be speaking at this tomorrow- So important to talk about the impact of tech on sexual politics. Grab a free ticket! https://t.co/k73BeowfBK

Petition drafted - hoping to go live tomorrow. We need five supporting emails / initial signatories for it to go live - ideally five brave, politically-engaged people with a bit of clout who would willing to share it. Any suggestions or volunteers? (Anyone in touch with JKR?😉)

Any lawyers know this one? Does it depend where the servers are? https://t.co/W7Kzth4BXO

A lovely person just donated £50 to help with our campaigning. Very kind and much appreciated - hope you see you this!
Our upcoming campaign will be getting pro-porn PHSE/ RSE/ SRE out of schools. Petition to be drafted this evening.

This is the most comprehensive piece I've ever read about the social & psychological impact of pornography. If anyone is curious about the rise of vitriolic abuse directed at women online this piece offers some answers. Thank you